Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Playa Mujeres

Let me set this up for you. We land in the Cancun airport. Unfortunately, my luggage did 
not land with me. It was still in Dallas, but fear not. It arrived the next day. I might have cried just a bit because I had all new swimsuits and was heartbroken that I was not going to get to wear them. I thought I would have to sit on the shore in blue jeans or something while Ryan swam. It was a sad thought. But alas, one gift shop swimsuit and 24 hours later, my luggage arrived. Okay, back to the good part. 

When we stepped out of the airport, the temperature was a good 10 degrees cooler than it had been in Texas. The skies were as blue as you can imagine, and a nice man name Jose picked us up. We drove for about 30 minutes to a wonderful little 
piece of heaven called Playa Mujeres.

We were met at the door of our resort with warm towels to recover from the flight and a glass of champagne--which happened to be even more refreshing than the towels. 

We checked in and were escorted to our suite. 

We even had our own private pool on the roof of the suite.

After being amazed at our room, we went to dinner at one of the seven restaurants the resort has to offer. We chose a lobster house for our first dinner. 

During the day, we had the option of the beach--with awesome straw huts, the pool--which there were several of, or an activity such as jet skiing or parasailing. The pool was awesome, the beach was even better, and parasailing and jet skiing were so fun too. Stupidly, I didn't bring my camera on the boat for our parasailing adventure, so we don't have any picture of that. 

The second night, we had dinner at the Asian Restaurant. It was not as good as the lobster, but still pretty good. I mean, my chicken and rice tasted like brown Mexican rice with chicken in it and a little soy sauce, but it was still good. 

There was also an excellent tapas bar at the resort. It was FANTASTIC. I think it was Ryan's favorite. 

At night, we walked down to the beach, saw the shows hosted by the hotel and just hung out and played pool and ping pong by the pools. 

It really was an incredible trip! By Friday, we were sad to leave, but also really excited to get to Houston and set up our new apartment. 

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Suzanne said...


I am SO glad that you have a blog! I looked at your honeymoon pictures on facebook too, and it looked simply fabulous. I'm so glad that I can keep up with you and your Houston adventures this way.

Love you,