Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One Fine Day

Sunday was a 10 as far as good days go. 

Ryan and I went to church for the first time since we have been in Houston. We visited First Colony in Sugarland and really loved it. He had been asked to lead singing at Bammel next Sunday, but after that we plan on visiting First Colony again. 

After church, I got to see my mom and dad and brother!!! They made a day trip out to see our apartment and where I will be going to school in the fall. 

First, we had lunch at Lupe Tortilla. Always a good choice.

Then, we brought them to our apartment and gave them the grand tour--which takes approximately 30 seconds. But we love it anyway! It is starting to feel like home.  Mom and Dad brought us some homegrown tomatoes from our garden at home, so that was a special touch!

After the apartment tour, we showed them around the area that we live. We drove through the Medical Center, the Museum District, Rice Village, and then we went over to U of H.  I feel much better now that they have seen where I live. It makes story telling much easier now that they have seen it all!

It was so incredibly wonderful to get to see them. Hopefully, we will be planning a trip to Kaufman soon!


bloggerdogg said...

Where do you guys live? Do you two live in Sugar Land? Hey how is married life treating you and Ryan? Congrats on your wedding, and marriage and all of that good stuff.

jb said...

Hey Jamie! Just found your blog through facebook. LOVED seeing your pics, and will add it to mine. We vacay-ed in Mexico last year and stayed at the EXACT same resort. We LOVED it!!! When I saw your room, and the little circle sun things above the bed and the little circle bath/spa tub thing, I couldn't believe it. If I was techno-savvy I'd link to our post about the trip, but since I'm not, look back in June 2008. What fun!!!

my blog is www.bugsmommy.blogspot.com

VJW said...

You have inspired me to start a blog. I am happy to say that Ispent the majority of my night creating this little thingy. We must talk soon. LYLAS

Cheryl Johnson said...

Jamie, we had such a good time Sunday. I absolutely love your apartment--it's beautiful. You and Ryan have done an excellent job of setting up everything. I think I'll have you come decorate my house! Love, Mom