Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Good Food and Good Friends

Friday night Ryan, Lauren, and I were really craving some sushi. So, what better place to get your fix than RA, eh? Grant met us over on our side of town and off we went. After consuming a great deal of sushi for the four of us, we left to go meet Jon and Laura. 

We went to the Galleria for a while to walk off a little bit of our dinner--right, because that really works, ha ha. 

Then, we were off to Empire Cafe. I just really like this place. It is a great environment, with wonderful food and desserts, great coffee, wine, and any other beverage you could desire. It is a place where everyone can have what they fancy and it is conducive to great conversation. 

It was a nice evening, so we decided to spend it out on the patio. 

Grant came back and spent the night with us. Our guest bed is so very comfortable, and we went to my favorite place in the world for breakfast: Einstein Brothers. 

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