Friday, August 14, 2009

A Picture Says A Thousand Words--But I Don't Have One; Therefore, I Will Have To Type Those Thousand

For real though, this is going to be long.

I must say, I have been rather uninspired to blog lately. The reason being? Well, my camera broke. After 1.5 hours on the phone with Cannon and several dropped calls (in case you aren't aware, my apt has terrible service), I have a new part coming in the mail. 

Now, I am aware that the point of a blog is about words really, not pictures, but I happen to find that photos are the most interesting part of all blogs. But, until my new battery door arrives, I can provide you with no photo documentations of life's current happenings. Nevertheless, I will trudge on in blog world without photographic representation, but I understand if you don't read the blog posts lacking pictures...I tend to do that myself.

Today is Friday. I am very glad about that fact for several reasons:

One being Ryan. He is always so glad to see Friday. I am sure that I will be myself when everyday is not like Saturday to me (ie. I have to go to school during the week.) 

Reason two is that this Friday represents the end of the last week that I am home all day doing nothing. Bittersweet really, for I have learned to enjoy the solitude with endless possibilities...kinda. I begin orientations for grad school next week though, and I couldn't be more excited!

Reason three is that I get to see my parents tomorrow! My mom's birthday was yesterday, the 13th, and so we are meeting them to celebrate tomorrow night. It should be a very exciting time!

Reason four is that Ryan's cousins, Amber and Ashley, are moving in to Gardner Hall today at ACU. We had dinner with them last night and got grilled on all of the questions that I remember asking as a freshman..."So, how strict is the dress code...will i ever get a shower...did you ever get to sleep...what is freshman follies...what about the bean, is it scary?"
Oh the excitement buzzing around ACU this time of year. I must admit that I am living somewhat vicariously through them currently. I am consoling myself with the fact that I can retire to Abilene? (If Ryan reads this, he will veto that possibility promptly.)

Reason five, and I think this is the last one, is that we actually get to remain in Houston for the first weekend (with the exception of meeting my parents in Brenham tomorrow night) in I don't know how long. We are going to go to church and sleep in late tomorrow, and I am very excited about those two things. 

Although the weekends away have been well worth it. Last weekend in particular was spectACUlar (couldn't help it--former tour guide). 

We spent the weekend celebrating a very joyous occasion--Dustin and Courtney Koctar's wedding! But don't worry, she says we can still call her Flow. 

The weekend began with the renting of a Dodge Caravan...that's right, a minivan. Laura and Jon Hinson, Chris Corbett, Lauren Handley, Ryan and myself loaded up the van and set off for New Orleans. This was my first trip to the Big Easy, and i think I did most of the stuff you are supposed to do there. I went to Cafe Du Mond to have beignets--twice, bought Aunt Sally's pralines, took a walk down Bourbon street, had a hurricane from Pat O'Briens--the origin of the hurricane, went to a local jazz club, and stayed in the French Quarter--all within a little over 12 hours time. 

With pralines in tow, we loaded up the several passenger mini and headed for Nashville, TN--one of my favorite places on earth. The boys split off to Dustin's posse for the weekend, I met up with Courtney, her Nashville bridesmaids, and Jamie, Morgan, and Caroline. It was glorious. I had not seen them in quite some time! We did the normal wedding festivites. Very fun bachelorette party, rehearsal, perfect rehearsal dinner at Maggianos, had pedicures (by the same lady that does Dolly Parton's--if you know me, then you know who exciting this was). 

Then it was time. We went to the church and began getting ready. Courtney looked absolutely beautiful. You will have to find pictures on Facebook, because this is an instance where words cannot describe. The church was pretty and the reception was amazing! Great food, great cake--the cake was Courtney's mom's strawberry cake recipe, dancing, and just a really good time. Joey and Sydney were there, which also made for an exceptional evening because once again, it has been quite some time. We sent Courtney and Dustin off with sparklers to their honeymoon in Cancun! I am so so happy and excited for them. The wedding was just perfect, and Courtney--wow, like I said, absolutely beautiful!

And then we drove 14 hours home. I have never been as happy to see downtown Houston as I was at 1:30 on Sunday night.