Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This post is way overdue; however, I still wanted to post these pictures if nothing else but for proof that I went. In January, I went to Washington DC for the first time to visit Caroline. It was my first time in DC, and it was a blast. What a great city!

I began the trip with a flight into Baltimore (which can save quite a bit of money) and took the Amtrak, well, actually the MARC train over to DC. I arrived at Union Station and Caroline and Valerie came to pick me up. Valerie had just arrived as well, but at a different airport.

We had dinner at Pizza Paradiso in Dupont Circle. It was fantastic. It was also so fantastic to catch up with my two friends. The rest of the weekend was so much fun. I got to meet Caroline's new roommates, go house hunting with them (which was really cool because Virginia houses are quite different than houses here...and now I know where Caroline's new house is). We had a Marie Antionette brunch, which is an old college tradition of ours. It was really just a grand time. My favorite excursion was a trip to Georgetown!

I am posting the only two pictures that I took the entire weekend. It was rainy and cold and my focus was just on surviving the weather, not snapping photos. However, Val and Carol insisted that I must take a picture in front of the White House. And I insisted on not taking it along. So here you go.

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How fun!
Your heading is so cute!
How did you get your picture in that cute little frame?